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MRR2 - Static at 5 seconds shutter speed
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MRR2 Static seconds

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Monday, 27-Mar-2006 12:00
Exploring panning technique
Based on what I know, panning techniques is like taking pictures with panned images. Okay, here's my example. I'm not very good because its my first time taking these kind of images. We can call it motion picture.. (is it?) What ever it is, its based on the shutter speed. This time, I also experienced Nikon D70

With normal point-n-shoot digital cameras, if you turn off the flash, you might ended up taking blurry picture. Why? because the camera needs more light and the shutter speed was reduced.

As far as I concern, there are 2 techniques. Dynamic and static. Hehe.. its my own definition.

1. Dynamic
- the objective is to get a motion blurred background picture but the subject looks static
- take picture during daylight
- for SLR, set the shutter speed below 1/30. 1/10 will do.
- for digital, turn off the flash
- identify your subject e.g. a moving car on the road
- move your camera while holding the 'capture' button
- refer to the diagram below

Here's one of my successful shots.

2. Static
- take picture during night
- if you have tripod, its better
- otherwise just hold your camera for quite some time without any movement
- set the shutter speed to 5 or 10 seconds
- try to get pictures from a tall building or structure
- press and hold capture button for 5 or 10 seconds
- you'll get the pictures of cars front and rear lights as it was dragged along the road
- oops.. I didn't try point-n-shoot digicams yet for this technique. maybe by switching to 'nightmode' will do this trick a bit..

This was taken at MRR2. Can you tell where am I taking this picture?

Practice makes perfect :-D
Try it. Its fun!

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